The Art of Business: 7 Secrets 

to Success in Surface Pattern 


with Bonnie Christine.
I had dreamt for years about creating patterns and seeing them on products, but I was working in a completely different field, costume for theatre. So I spent my days sewing at a machine or by hand with very little use of a computer!

I doodled and did a few courses online with photoshop,  but still wasn’t quite there with pushing my full creativity and was held back by my lack of technical knowledge.
I had left my job during 2020 and needed to learn fast! Then I found Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course, an 8 week deep dive into Surface Pattern Design. I opened Adobe Illustrator for the very first time! And with practice, going through the bite size lessons, I got the hang of it! And now it feels second nature just like the way I used to use a needle and thread!

The course is self paced, so I took my time learning the program, the lessons each build onto each other, colour work, inspiration,  building a collection, and all the different revenue streams! Three  years on I am producing new work regularly, I have designs on print on demand sites like spoonflower,  a website, a signature style, and I have collaborated with different companies. 

I am now honoured to be an affiliate of the Immersion course, which gave me so much technical knowledge and confidence, as well as being lots of fun and inspiration with an incredible community of like minded people and an amazing teacher in Bonnie!

I would be sharing about this course even if I wasn’t an affiliate as I believe it to be an extremely valuable learning experience with everything you need to either pursue a career or to simply immerse yourself in something new and exciting.
Why not get a taste of Bonnie's teaching for free with the above workshop!!
Or dive into my affiliate link below to find out more about Immersion, enrolment opens soon!

* I am a paid affiliate of this course, but I would not promote something, that I didn't honestly believe was an incredible learning opportunity.
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